The corkboard for messages related to this room is #r-milkcork. The parlor is in need of a photo gallery showing a variety of pics of machine milking, and someone to collect them and create such a place here. E-mail Milk Master if you wish to create a gallery here for the enjoyment of all. A Salon For Erotic Female Milking...(mparlor)

Our specialty here is lactation.....extracted or induced. All ladies are welcome; imaginative male attendants also!
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The milking parlor is a series of wonderfully equipped rooms, each one featuring an array of equipment and machines. The centerpiece of each room is a very specially designed milking chair, with foot, arm, leg, and headrests and hidden restraints (if desired). Next to each chair is a sleek, high tech milking machine, especially designed for a myriad of special purposes, all related to inducing or extracting sweet, feminine milk. This is accomplished by an assortment of specially designed soft plastic milking cups, in all sizes, each one fitting perfectly over a breast, with the nipple stimulator and extractor at center, ready to grasp and stimulate each nipple to draw forth its bounty via variable suction and deliver the milk to the clear plastic tubes which go to the collector inside the machine. The nipple extractors can also deliver inducing hormones and aphrodisiac drugs, grip softly or harshly via tiny pins or teeth, and stimulate the nipple in many different ways, including via electric current of varying power and effect. In the special seat of the chair is a high tech stimulator, that can move into position to externally or vaginally induce mild pleasure, painful jolts, or orgasmic bliss, which never fails to profoundly increase milk production. Above the reclining chair is a mirrored ceiling, where each girl can see her body in the chair, and all that is being done to her as it occurs. Other rooms are equipped with special female milking stands or tables, where the breasts hang down loosely or are placed into special adjustable openings, where they are grasped for the process, and genital stimulation is provided from below in similar fashion, and just as effectively. The rooms are staffed by a skilled group of specially trained men and women, who are also adept at sexual stimulation. The males also may indulge in breeding the female visitors before, during, or after their milking sessions. Use your imagination, and enjoy!
Fri Apr 18 16:39:39 ~
starlet said:
She steps in here
frowning at the referral.
Why would they be sending her to a specialist for a physical?

Thu Apr 17 23:51:34 ~
squirmy said:
with a sigh she rises and heads out

Thu Apr 17 23:42:44 ~
squirmy said:
Thinking the place is empty tonight

Thu Apr 17 23:39:02 ~
squirmy said:
She leans to the side in her chair, trying to peek beyond the reception desk to what lay inside

Thu Apr 17 23:32:55 ~
squirmy said:
Reading some of the magazines, but her thoughts wandering, squirming in her seat

Thu Apr 17 23:24:06 ~
squirmy said:
Sits in the waiting room
long legs crossed

Mon Apr 14 10:15:25 *
Madeline Bouchet said to Physician On Call:
(sorry, system froze up)

Mon Apr 14 10:00:36 *
Physician On Call said to Madeline Bouchet:
Smiles as I feel the wetness at my fingers tips.

"Of course....."

And smiles as I look into your chart and see's the lot# for the "flu" shot administered.

"Its been a few weeks Ms Bouchet, I would have expected you'd have come earlier, we've actually been expecting you..."

Mon Apr 14 09:58:34 *
Madeline Bouchet said to Physician On Call:
h-hot showers help

squeezing my legs together
my skirt having slid up some

Mon Apr 14 09:57:25 *
Physician On Call said to Madeline Bouchet:
"I wonder? Is there anything that you find gives you relief from that pressure?"

Pinching ever so softly at the thick nipples

Mon Apr 14 09:56:08 *
Madeline Bouchet said to Physician On Call:

gritting my teeth as you squeeze


Mon Apr 14 09:55:00 *
Physician On Call said to Madeline Bouchet:
My hands reaching and cupping under your swollen breast and squeezing lightly.

"Well, your lungs are clear. You've been feeling, hmmm, heavy and a level of discomfort lately?"

Squeezing tighter and fingers finding your nipples extremely stiff and distended.

Mon Apr 14 09:53:04 *
Madeline Bouchet said to Physician On Call:
Well, mostly okay other than the - um - chest discomfort

Mon Apr 14 09:52:31 *
Physician On Call said to Madeline Bouchet:
Placing it on your ample chest.

"Deep breath please"

And listening intently, though My eyes never leave your breasts.

"And how have you been feeling since then?"

Mon Apr 14 09:51:09 *
Madeline Bouchet said to Physician On Call:
Actually I went to CVS for it.

undoing the top buttons of my blouse
exposing my sturdy bra

Mon Apr 14 09:49:47 *
Physician On Call said to Madeline Bouchet:
Nodding as I take My stethoscope.

"Let's have a listen to your chest hmmmm? Now tell me about the discomfort? Your flu shot was administered by your family physician, or here?"

Mon Apr 14 09:48:30 *
Madeline Bouchet said to Physician On Call:
It's rather ... uncomfortable.

squirming in the chair

Since my last bout with the flu, I've got - some swelling and congestion

Mon Apr 14 09:47:45 *
Physician On Call said to Madeline Bouchet:
Now perhaps you can tell Me about your visit to us? The referral is in order and the insurance as well, but its always good to hear your thoughts, and needs...

Mon Apr 14 09:46:24 *
Madeline Bouchet said to Physician On Call:
brushing my skirt beneath me and settling down onto the smallish chair
knees perforce lifted as the seat is so low

Mon Apr 14 09:35:09 *
Physician On Call said to Madeline Bouchet:
Noting how her make up is utterly perfect.

I smile and hold the door for your to step through.

"We received the referral from your PCP and everything looks to be in order. Would you take a seat please?"

And waving you to the small chair beside Mine.

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